About Matt

Thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Matt Callaghan and I am a competition winning, amateur photographer who is entirely self-taught.

As you'll see from looking through the portfolio, there is no particular style or type of photography here, it's just a case of photographing subjects that interest me. As such the photos displayed here are a diverse mixture of landscapes, aerial, people and macro.

My interest in photography has been there from an early age. Whilst I didn't realise it at the time, from when I had my first camera, I remember being aware of composition and what would make a good shot. Fast forward many years and I still take great pleasure in capturing something, perhaps from a different angle but most importantly, to capture something people will enjoy looking at.

The main thing is, I just enjoy going out and taking photographs. I have decided that some of those which I'm particularly pleased with are worth sharing which is how this website has come to exist.

I have been based in Hampshire for the majority of my life but more recently, I have relocated to Carmarthenshire. I am a member of Pembrey and Burry Port Photographic Society.

Please take some time to look through my portfolio and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.